Date of update: 2023-02-21 11:13:45


In this system, zirconium is used as a building material instead of metal. Studies have shown that the highest performance has been achieved to date in terms of aesthetics, durability, tissue compatibility and naturalness, which are the basic requirements of dentistry. All treatments with zirconium are so natural that they are indistinguishable from your natural tooth.

It is a method that is the result of combining purely manipulative skill with computer-aided technology. The tooth preparations prepared in the clinic are shaped by special methods in the laboratory and read by a laser scanning system with the help of a special device. This information is transferred to the shaping chamber of the device and the crown or bridge is processed by the computer.

Thus, a zirconium oxide substructure is formed. This substructure is covered with special porcelain. Thus, light-permeable, highly durable, aesthetic and natural-looking crowns and bridges are obtained.

Where Can Zirconium Be Used?

  • - Single tooth crown restorations
  • - Multi-member bridges
  • - Implant-mounted crown-bridge studies